Support Our Mission

There are different ways that you can be a part of Peace Within Prison Yoga.

For 2019, you will support:

  • 14 yoga classes in 7 different prisons

  • 10 ex-inmates yoga teachers who will be teaching in prisons learning well-being and professional skills

  • 1500+ inmates access well-being


Host a yoga class


Hold a donation yoga class. Irene Auma will visit your yoga studio. She is one of the most highly trained Baptiste Yoga Instructors in the world and she will deliver an amazing class.

Organize an Outreach

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Organize an outreach visit to a community. Our volunteers reach 15,000 every week in Nairobi and Irene is at our core for facilitating all outreach.


Gather for a meal

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invite your friends and family for a meal. No matter where we come from, we all need to eat!! Plan a dinner or lunch, or yoga and brunch to share with your community and out teacher. Learn about Kenyan life, the food, customs and country, clothes, jewelry. Our instructors always come with fun Kenyan jewelry and clothes or sale to the cause. Host in any way you feel called and connect over food, yoga and create community.

Come to Kenya & volunteer


Help raise $1,000 and come to Kenya for 1-2 weeks to volunteer. You can teach yoga or any life skill to the prisoners in Kenya. The $1,000 will help support 1 ex-prisoner for a full year.