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Peace Within Prison Yoga is a registered CBO in accordance with the Laws of Kenya. Peace Within Prison Yoga seeks to promote peace and reconciliation among citizens of Kenya by encouraging self-awareness and acceptance of individuals.

Yoga for Prisons is an initiative of the PWPY that was started to affirm and encourage positive behaviour change within prisons in Kenya. By offering Yoga as a pathway to holistic wellness, the PWPY aims to help persons to accept their situation, find inner peace and grow emotionally, psychologically, mentally and physically in ways that are key to positive behavioural reforms.

Every person deserves a second chance in life, and the Peace Within Prison Yoga (PWPY) seeks to help prisoners with theirs.


• To provide a skill that can be used as a source of income for prisoners after serving their term

• To provide a source of healing and acceptance to inmates while in prison

• To break the cycle of silence in the loop of poverty that leads to crime

• To aid in the Prison service goal of positive, sustainable rehabilitation of inmates


Successful and sustainable rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners into society through holistic wellness found in the practice of Yoga


• To provide holistic wellness avenues for inmates and officers in a bid to create a better environment for successful rehabilitation of inmates

• To teach a skill that can be a source of income to inmates thus promoting sustainable reintegration of ex-prisoners into society     

Project Rationale: Background on the issue being addressed and the project, including:

Background: The prison is made up of 75% young people aged  18 to 35. A majority of the persons in prison have low levels of education. For any offender their status quo in society automatically changes once they get imprisoned. They are considered as ‘outcasts’ or ‘outlaws’. The reality after release is that life is much harder than it was before imprisonment. The basics like finding and retaining a job, finding a safe place to live or being reunited with their families becomes cumbersome tasks. This usually leads to high recidivism (persons becoming repeat offenders)

Most of the rehabilitation programs offered to the inmates are focused more on offering technical knowledge and manual work. This model puts the ex prisoners in a difficult position as it assumes they shall have the same opportunities as the citizens of Kenya. This is not the case as the socio-political and economic environment are fundamentally altered once a person has been in prison.

Proposed Solution: Peace Within Prison Yoga sees an opportunity for uplifting and empowering ex prisoners while providing mentorship to those in prisons. The out of Prison Program seeks to address this. The program will ensure that Peace Within Prison Yoga assimilates those who have been part of the Yoga sessions in prison and completed a Yoga teacher training to help conduct sessions within other prisons.

Region: Nairobi and its surrounding environs

PWPY receive them at release; take them to their home and help them settle in. Next, they participate in a one month refresher training, and from there, assigned a prison in which they will be conducting Yoga sessions twice weekly and holding a mentorship session monthly. The newly released will be accompanied by a PWPY instructor for a number of sessions to help maintain the prisons protocol and support.

We believe that sustainable social change can best be led by the people who most need the change. The newly released will be getting a transport and meals allowance for each session conducted.

To date, PWPY has three ex prisoners holding sessions with the team. The program will mentor them to enable them to have their own independent classes.

Program Goals

• To provide a way for mentorship for better reintegration of inmates into society

• To create opportunities for people with criminal records to live positive lives while strengthening their communities.

Expected Outcome:

• 0% recidivism from the Peace Within Prison Yoga team

• A sustainable reintegration of ex prisoners into society


• PWPY will have increased its reach from the current 500 weekly inmates (participants)  to 1500.

• Established support system and better quality of life for newly released within the PWPY program.

• Reduced recidivism due to sustainable reintegration of ex prisoners into society

Project Implementation Plan with timelines

From February 2018; Peace Within Prison Yoga assimilated 10 female ex prisoners,as they participated in the Yoga Teacher Training in Langata Women Maximum Security Prison. Permission by the Prison service has allowed Yoga sessions in all eight prisons within the  Nairobi region; allowing the newly released to teach more widely.

The program will start from January 1st,  2019 onwards.

Indicators for measuring success

• The number of sessions successfully held by the ex prisoners

• The number of persons in the program successfully staying out of prison

• A better quality of life for the ex-prisoners participating in the program

Monitoring and Evaluation Framework/Plan

For each session the trainers will be filling an outreach form, indicating the number of students, duration of session and the improvements seen/ any impact noted. This data will assist in analyzing the impact and improvements within various prisons.

The trainers will also have a monthly meeting where they can share experiences and challenges tackled together as a team.

Risk and Assumptions

The program works on the following assumptions:

• That the ex prisoners will be within Nairobi and its environs

• That the ex prisoners will be keen to take up the practice of Yoga and become one of the trainers

• That the prison service will be receptive to having ex prisoners training within prisons provided the prison protocol is adhered to

• That there will be enough resources to sustain the program

The foreseeable risks based on these assumptions are:

• The ex prisoners that have undergone the Yoga teacher training while in prisons may not all want to be part of the program

• The resources may be limited hence we may not be able to assimilate everyone that has been part of the program


The program will assimilate the ex prisoners and work with them for a minimum of six months. During this period, they will be encouraged to get private Yoga classes and sustainable job  that will boost their income thus with time they can fully sustain themselves without needing the program thus creating room for new ex prisoners to be assimilated.


Irene Auma is the founder of  PWPY. Irene is an Africa Yoga project Graduate and Certified Baptiste teacher. She has been teaching in Kenyan prisons for over 8 years. The purpose of her fundraising tour is to expand and implement the outreach program which she has created and is presently serving as Project leader.  The newly released will have the opportunity to become invested in their own future by becoming sustainable in teaching yoga and giving back in service to the prisons. This coming full circle as the impact it had on them while serving their time and coming back to inspire others still incarcerated.

The Fundraising gives those hosting or attending a special opportunity to fall in love with Kenya on american soil by hosting Irene your home.  It’s a fun time sharing yoga classes, food, events love and laughter together. The fundraising ideas are ever expansive and open to new ideas.

How to Fundraise

1. Hold a donation yoga class….Our teacher is one of the most highly trained Baptiste Yoga Instructor In the world and she will deliver an amazing unique class.

2. Organize an outreach visit to a community….our volunteers reach 15,000 prisoners every week in Nairobi and Irene is our core for facilitating all outreach.

3. Invite your family and friends for a meal. No matter where we come from we all need to eat!!Plan a dinner or lunch, or  yoga and brunch to share with your community and our teacher. Learn about Kenyan life,, the food, customs and country, clothes and jewelry. Our instructors always come with fun Kenyan jewelry and clothes for sale to the cause.  So host in any way you feel called and connect over food, yoga and create community.

All Donation Support Peace Within Prison Project Programs and New programs for 2019

14 yoga classes in 7 different prisons

10 ex-inmates yoga teachers who will be teaching in prisons learning well being professional and skills

1500 + inmates who don't have access to well being

Asante Sana (thank you)